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Embrace the delicate beauty of our ‘Thinking of You’ room sprays, where the light, airy elegance of Japanese Cherry Blossom meets the vibrant, sweet aroma of Freesia. This graceful floral blend brings a breath of spring into your space, filling it with a scent that is refreshing and subtly romantic. Perfect for enhancing any room … THINKING OF YOU ROOM SPRAY Read More »


Cozy up with our ‘Thankful’ room sprays, where the rich warmth of Pumpkin blends beautifully with the spicy kick of Nutmeg and Ginger, and is sweetened by the creamy smoothness of Vanilla. This quintessential fall fragrance envelops your space in a comforting embrace, evoking the essence of crisp autumn days and cozy nights by the … THANKFUL ROOM SPRAY Read More »


Experience the tranquil essence of our ‘Serenity Plus’ room sprays where the calming breeze of Lavender mingles with the earthy tones of Sage and the aromatic sharpness of Rosemary. This herbal symphony creates a restorative sanctuary in your surroundings, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Ideal for setting a serene mood and enhancing mindfulness in your … SERENITY+ ROOM SPRAY Read More »


Awaken your senses with our ‘Lemonized’ room sprays, where the bright zest of Lemon meets the subtly spicy and sweet notes of Bergamot. This crisp and clean blend fills your space with a refreshing and energizing aroma, perfect for revitalizing your home or office. Light it up to lift your spirits and brighten your day. … LEMONIZED ROOM SPRAY Read More »


Our ‘Dreamy Escape’ room sprays combine a delicate allure of Orchid petals which intertwines with creamy Coconut and juicy Pineapple. This tropical blend sweeps you away to an island paradise, infusing your space with a burst of floral sweetness and fruity zest. Perfect for creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere in any room.   Fragrances: … DREAMY ESCAPE ROOM SPRAY Read More »


Sparkle and zest come together in our ‘Celebration’ room sprays, where the effervescent charm of Champagne fuses with a splash of vibrant Citrus. This festive blend pops with bubbly excitement, bringing a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere to any room. Perfect for celebrations or adding a little sparkle to your everyday moments.   Fragrances: Champagne with … CELEBRATION ROOM SPRAY Read More »


Step into a woodland retreat with our ‘Cedarwood’ room sprays, where the robust, earthy essence of Cedar meets the warm, rich undertones of Sandalwood. This aromatic blend transports you into the comforting embrace of nature. Perfect for creating a grounding and peaceful environment in your home.   Fragrances: Cedar and Sandalwood


Experience the ultimate relaxation with our ‘Calm and Bright’ room sprays blending the creamy, soothing notes of Vanilla with the tranquil whispers of Lavender. This aromatic fusion creates a serene, inviting atmosphere, perfect for unwinding or setting a peaceful mood in your sanctuary. Light up your day with a touch of sweetness and a breeze … CALM AND BRIGHT ROOM SPRAY Read More »